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Examples of Work

With permission, I would love to upload some of the fantastic work you have all been doing at home!

Please feel free to email me any photos, examples of work or feedback to 

Owl Class Rainbow LH

School of Wizardry

Lucy's alliteration

Mythical creature information text

Lucy's crazy creature
Lucy's information text
Princess' Switch Zoo creation
Princess' mythical creature plan
Yuvika's final piece!
Yuvika's own creation
Unicorns by Lucy

Jin's informative piece about Ancient Egypt!

Topic Work Examples

Jin Mummification 1
Jin Mummification 2
Jin Mummification 3
Lucy's healthy heart poster
Yuvika's treasure of the tomb
Anika's gold gilded leopard
Jin's Tutankhamun discovery diary 1
Jin's Tutankhamun discovery diary 2
Yuvika's healthy heart poster
Roman's salt dough creations
Princess's messy salt dough!
Princess' hieroglyphs
Anika's salt dough cartouche
Yuvika's illustration from Midnight Fox
Princess' illustration from Midnight Fox
Edward's super shaduf
Anika's significant  people PSHE
Anika's illustration from The Midnight Fox extract
Charlotte's fake wound!
Looks painful
Pragyan's detailed map of Egypt!
Pragyan's heart diagram
Jess' model shaduf
Wow! This map is almost as big as you!
Julien's excellent 3D Egypt map
Julien's super shaduf - amazing!
Julien's art work :)
Jett’s very informative Ancient Egypt poster
Jess’ fantastic salt dough model of the Nile
Yuvika's heart beat investigation
Scarlett made these to celebrate her Grandad's 88t
Recovery position procedure Jess
Recovery position procedure Jess
Recovery position procedure Jess
Jett's vital organ labelling
Jess's VE day poster
Yuvika's VE day poster
Edward's flatbread
Julien the baker!
Ashton's fantastic artwork
Julien's Egyptian flatbread
Wash your hands by Ashton
Yuvika's flat bread preperation
Getting there...
The delicious final product!
Jett's VE day work!
Scarlett's colourful timeline
Pragyan's ancient civilisations timeline
Pragyan's brilliant portrait of Tuta's death mask
Lucy's Egyptian death mask
Ashton raised£220by completing a sponsored silence
Experimenting with invisible ink methods
Applying some heat!
It worked!

Egyptian Nile writing

Lucy's descriptive diary
Anika's brilliant Nile Writing
Princess comprehension

Charlotte's excellent Nile diary

Doors - a world of possibility

Factory of Fear by Lucy
Magic Door poem Roman
Pragyan's satellite of dreams
Lucy's portal story map
Anika's poem
Idioms by Lucy

Princess' persuasive writing about owning a dog

Floodland Work

Dooby's back story by Anika
Using evidence by Lucy
Using evidence by Lucy
Using evidence by Yuvika
Using evidence by Yuvika
Dooby's back story by Charlotte
Dooby's back story 2 by Charlotte
Dooby's back story 3 by Charlotte
Dooby's back story by Scarlett

The TellyScope explanation text Pragyan


Anika got 40 out of 40!!
Scarlett is proud to be on platinum!
Charlotte's Mondrian style work!
Princess' Platinum level maths!
Princess' Shape match
Lucy's parallel and perpendicular lines Venn
Lucy's ratio work
Preparing eggs for an 'Egg Battle'
An egg battle is a traditional Bulgarian event
Cooking up a storm

Scarlett's Swimming Guinea Pigs!

Still image for this video

Anika's super shaduf

Still image for this video

SN coding guitar.mp4

Still image for this video
Scarlett made a guitar and used coding to make it play! This is way beyond my level of computing so well done Scarlett!

Anthony playing the piano - a hidden talent!

Still image for this video
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