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Friday 15th January 2021         Maths

LO: decimals recap


Today's challenge is a mixture of the different skills that you've been practising this week. Choose the challenge level that you have been doing the most over the last two weeks.


If you can't remember how to do anything, I've created a playlist of all of the videos in which I show you how to add, subtract, order and round decimals. You can find it at this link: You can scroll through the videos on the right hand side of the screen to find the one that you need.


Challenge 1: recapping decimals


Hint: Use the place value chart at the top of the document to support you! smiley

Challenge 2: recapping decimals

Challenge 3: recapping decimals

This challenge also contains some skills we've learned about in the past!)


I've included some hints in blue where they might be needed!

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