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LO: To give instructions to a computer (algorithm)


Hi Butterflies,


During this term we will be practicing using our mouse to follow and give instructions. I would like you to take your time and try your best. It is not about completing the activity but having the opportunity to practice using your mouse. (so adults please let your children practice, if they need help then instruct them what to do, do not do it for them)  


Outcomes at the end of this term;

1. Children to independently use a computer mouse to give and follow instructions. 

2. Children to independently use a computer mouse to navigate the internet.

3. Children to independently use a computer mouse and keyboard to login. 


Although these tasks are to be complete by your children please take all precautions to be safe online. Sit with your child while using the internet and explain the importance of online safety. 



Allow your children (with your support) to complete these steps as they need to continue to practice using the mouse and keyboard.


Adults read student guide below to help with instructing your adults. Do not complete challenges until the end of term. 


Step one;


Click the link 


Discovery Education ( 


username; student70656

Password; maltese 


Step 2 

Click blue login button


Step 3

Click Discovery coding, click block coding at the top of the page and then level 1.


Step 4

 Select Level 1 - Lesson 3 Transport on the go - click lets go 


Step 5 

Play the video. Once finished close the video and follow instructions to the left. If you need help reading click the the speaker button to the play the instruction. 


Step 6 

Once above has been completed click the green arrow at the top of the page to go onto the next step, read the instructions and complete.  


Continue until you are finished. 


Children will be practicing this throughout the term. It is the adult that is supporting the child to make sure that you inform them of all the different buttons and there role on the computer screen. The best way to do this is to experiment (click them) to see what happens.

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