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Find your class homework here in the event of coronavirus school closure


In the event of school closure, children are requested to complete the following work daily. 

- A maths challenge

- An English/phonics challenge

- Practise words with the weekly spelling rule 

- 20 minutes of reading

-Time tables practice ( 2s,5s,10s and 3s) 

- A topic challenge of their choice (see grid below) 

- Try a Joe Wicks daily PE lesson


The maths and English tasks will be uploaded to the class page. A grid of 5 topic challenges will be uploaded on Monday - children can choose one of these to complete each day. Please see the letter sent home for additional resources that you can use with your child.


Daily English tasks

To include reading, spelling, grammar and or creating writing activities.


Please see the PDF document below. 


Daily maths task

To include timestables, arithmetic and reasoning 


Please see the PDF document below. 


Hello Hedgehogs,


I hope you are all ok and have been enjoying the work I've set for you. 


As we can't share a joke of the day at the moment, I will upload a joke of the week for you! 



Have a good week and keep working hard smiley


Maths and English tasks week beginning 30.3.20

Weekly challenges 30.3.20 

Please choose one activity in addition to your daily maths and English tasks. 


Challenge 1 

Geography- I want you to design your own aerial/birds eye view map. This can be of school, your home, the local area. If you are able to, have a look on Google maps/Google Earth to see how an aerial map looks on there. Don't forget to colour in your map. 


Challenge- try and add a key to your map. Use different symbols to represent different places ( MR- Maltese Road, a slide for the park, tea cup for a cafe etc... ) 

Challenge 2 



Watch these two videos and then make a list of all the ways seeds can be dispersed. 


Challenge- Look at the Ready, Steady, Grow document below and follow the instructions for how to make a sycamore seed or a dandelion seed and then test them out. 

Challenge 3 

P.S.H.E/ R.E 

I would like you to design an Easter or Spring card to give to a family member. 


Challenge- Write an Easter poem to go inside your card. 

Challenge 4 



Complete- Unit 2b Buttons and instructions

Lesson 2: Find Princess Preetha’s necklace

Challenge 5 

Art/Design and technology 

I would like you to design a 'Signs of Spring Poster' 

Have a look outside and think about what signs of spring can you see (sunshine, flowers, blossom, longer days, baby animals, Easter eggs etc...)   

Challenge- As this is your art task for the week, get creative with your poster. Think of some of the different techniques we have used in class (collage, painting, sketching, printing, pointillism) can you use any of these skills on your poster? 


Maths tasks week beginning 23.3.20

English tasks week beginning 23.3.20

Weekly challenges 23.3.20

Please choose one activity in addition to your daily maths and English tasks. 


Challenge 1 


Listen and sing the continent song.

Perform this to an adult or your siblings.

Write the continents in alphabetical order


Challenge- Write a fact about each continent. Use the song to help you or research on the internet.  


Challenge 2


Watch this video clip

If you are able to, go outside and investigate some plants in your garden or a park.


Draw a plant and label the different parts.


Challenge- Write down the different jobs the parts of a plant have.



Challenge 3


Draw a picture to display in your window. Make it bright and cheerful for people to smile at as they walk past your home.

Make sure you press lightly when colouring in your picture.

Think about what colours would make your picture bright and appealing to look at.





Challenge 4 


Make a friendship recipe.

Write down all the things needed to be a good friend.

Here are some ideas:

First add five spoonfuls of smiles.

Then mix in a cup of laughter.


Draw a picture of you and your friends after completing your recipe.




Challenge 5 


Log onto


Complete- Unit 2b Buttons and instructions







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