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Monday 11.01


Begin by listening to the recording of Chapter 4 (will be uploaded on Monday morning) before completing your other English work.

This week, you will plan and write a balanced argument for the following question: Should Alex Rider Join MI6? Today, you are going to explore 'for and against points' relating to this discussion. 

1. Listen to chapter 4: So What Do You Say? Part 1

So What Do You Say? Part 2

2. English Task: Read through the powerpoint below and complete the tasks.


This week, we will complete our fractions unit and begin to move onto decimals. You may notice that I have added an extra level of work called LIGHT GREEN - this is an alternative option for those who are finding the maths a little tricky. 

Fractions of Amounts

Watch this video before completing the tasks below. If you are confident with finding fractions of amounts, you may not need to do this step.

How to find fractions of amounts.

Main task - fraction puzzles

Extra optional challenge: Would you rather...

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