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English 18.01


1. Spelling: open the PowerPoint and find out about your new spelling rule, then complete the look say cover write check. I have also added this spelling list to Spelling Frame for you to practise over the week. 


2. Reading: Fiction Express is an innovative book platform that connects students with professional authors and enables children encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories. 


Fiction Express - How to use it (for students)

How students can read, vote, do the quiz and comment on the forum.

Maths 18.01

Today we are moving onto decimals; your knowledge of fractions will really help you throughout this unit. As it is the first time that we have looked at decimals in detail, we are going to spend a few days going right back to basics. This might be a little slow paced for some of you but it is essential that everyone is confident with what a decimal is. You will need to work through the video clip below for today's learning. 

Each day I will provide a RED challenge if you found the main task too simple and also remember to look at Dr Rudman's maths challenge on the main class page. 


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