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Monday 25th January 2021             English


1. Spelling.

I have set each spelling group (green, amber and red) some spellings to focus on today, and throughout the week.

You can either practise these using the 'look, cover, write, check' grids (you can find this attached below), or on Please email me if you are not sure of your spellingframe login details.


Practise these and get an adult to test you


2. Handwriting

LO: to join the letter 'a'

Practise joining the letter 'a' on the first task, as modelled.

Then, copy out the poem onto the poem template, focusing on the words in which a is joined to other letters.



3. Grammar

LO: to use speech punctuation accurately


For today's grammar lesson, you're going to revisit using speech punctuation accurately. We've worked on this in class, but often forget to use it accurately in our writing, so we're going to recap it today.


Complete the lesson at the following link:


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