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Below You will find Phonics task and English task under each heading


Phonics Task


Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green - I can say the sound

Amber - I can use my hands to sound out a word with my sound in it.

Red - I can use my sound buttons and letter lines correctly.


Our Phase 5 sound from last week is 'aw'. This sound can sometimes sound the same as 'or'.


Watch the video below and complete the learning along with the video. 


Challenge- Can you make sentences using the real words with our 'aw' sound in them? 


Watch the video below and then complete the activity sheet below as an addition to your Phonics Zoom Class today. Remember to do your sound buttons and letter lines first to sound out the word.

The AW Sound | Phase 5 | Phonics

Practice sounding and spelling the Phase 5 digraph: AW.Words in this Video: 00:15 AW00:44 PAWS and JAWS02:05 FAWN and CRAWL03:13 DAWN and YAWN04:21 ...

Remember you need your sound buttons and letter lines. Sound buttons are used when one letter makes the one sound and it is just a dot under that single letter. Letter lines are used when more than one letter makes one sound and this is shown with a line under the letters that make that sound. I have given a few examples below; 




If you are unable to print the any document, there are other ways which you can complete the work. All you need is something to write with and paper to write/draw on. If you are unable to print the document then you can draw the picture that you see on your piece of paper, say what you see and write the sound below your picture. You can do the same for all the pictures. Remember you need all your sound buttons and letter lines below your words. I have shown you an example below. 





Phonics Activity

English Task


Watch the video below for our learning today. Make sure you listen and act out your story as well. You will need it for next week.


Learning Objective: To retell the story 

Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green - I can say what happens in the story (with some support)

Amber - I can say what happens in the story and show actions with the story (with some support)

Red - I can independently read/recall the story and show appropriate actions for the story. (with little support)


In our English writing we are going to look at different traditional tales or fairy tales as some of you might know them. Today Butterflies we are going to read Little Red Riding Hood again. The is to recap what happens in the story. When reading the story I want you to think about how the story starts, who are the main characters, what is the problem, how does the problem get fixed.  


Now that we know what happens in the story lets think about the order of the story. 

What happens;




After ...



Today's English activity is to create actions to go along with the story. Yes, you get to do Active Cinema!! Adults Active Cinema is when we act out the story as we read or it is being read for us. You can practise as much as you want and then have a final show. You can do it in front of your adults at home, skype/zoom family members and show them.


The purpose of this activity is to have the children understand the text more by retelling it with their actions. This offers you as an adult opportunities to see how your children understand the story and what they understand it to be telling them. It is important that you ask your children questions throughout to grasp how they understand the story. I have offered examples below;


Why does the story start with Once Upon a time?

Who are the main characters? 

What action is the character doing now?

Why can the gingerbread man speak? 

What is the setting?

Why should we be kind to others?      

How do the characters feel at this point in the story ?  

How do you feel at this part of the story? Why? 

What are you thinking(imagining) as I read this part of the story?

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