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We will be learning about what Physical and Human features are in geography for the next two wwks. In the PDF/powerpoint screens you will find interesting facts  and places within our first two countries of the Untied Kingdom (UK England  and Scotland)


A human feature is a feature that is manmade.

A physical feature is something made by nature(it naturally occurs)


Geography | KS1 | KS2 | The United Kingdom | BBC Teach - YouTube (Video link below)




Geography | KS1 | KS2 | The United Kingdom | BBC Teach

This video explores the countries that make up the United Kingdom and identifies a key human and physical feature of each one.It also shares the flags of the...



In our PE this term we will be looking at following dance instructions and finally putting a sequence of dance moves together to create our own dance to perform. 


To start follow the mobility warm up in the video below. Remember the idea of the warm up is to get our bodies ready for physical activity. To avoid injury, improve mobility and start to think healthy minds make healthy bodies.

All Levels Mobility Warm Up

A mobility warm up for all levels. Includes pulse raising, dynamic stretches and fundamental movement to get students ready for their lesson.

Follow the link below  dance along, copying and repeating the dance moves. Take your time. Watch the dance first, have a go, practice and perfect. 




To cool down finally follow some yoga to focus on cooling down our bodies and focusing on our breathing. This helps our bodies to relax after being physically active. It also helps us to relax in difficult times. 

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure with the Trolls all about bringing happiness to the world!⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print ...

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