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Reading is one of my favourite hobbies, and so important to keep up with during lockdown! Reading can transport you into your own imaginary world, and teach you so many new things.

On this page, I'm going to share ways that you can continue reading at home, and book recommendations from myself and the rest of the class. Please let me know if you've read any fantastic books that you would like to recommend to others smiley



Where can I read?

Each week, a new book is going to be uploaded for you to read online at this link. The first book is one that I used to love at school - The Story of Tracy Beaker, by Jacqueline Wilson.

I can email you your login details if you request them smiley

Login in, and you can borrow free books and audiobooks to read/listen to on your devices! Search BorrowBox in your app store to download the app.

To access this app, you either need an Essex library card, OR, you can sign up to get a temporary online card number to access BorrowBox at this link:


Anjali's lovely reading of a beautiful story :)

Fox Class Book Recommendations!

Name: Lukundo

Recommendation: The Bad Guys - Aaron Blabey

Reason: This book is about how Mr Wolf and his club are trying to be good guys saving animals, such as saving dogs from a dog pound, cats stuck in trees and chicken from a chicken farm.


Name: Leah

Recommendation: The Ice Monster - David Walliams

Reason: It's about an orphan called Zoe who lives on the streets. One day, she finds an ice monster and they become friends.


Name: Nicole

Recommendation: Dyamonde Daniel - Nikki Grimes

Reason: Its a set of books, each about a girl called Dyamonde, who is a very kind and positive person. My favourite is Halfway to perfect because it's a really lovely story where Dyamonde shows her friend, who is being bullied, that she should be herself and that she shouldn't listen to what other people say about her.


Name: Nicole

Recommendation: A Horn For Louis - Eric Kimmel

Reason: It's about a famous musician Louis Armstrong as a child. He was very poor and loved playing on a trumpet but couldn't afford one. He had to go to work everyday to help his mum buy food and one day on the way to work he sees a beautiful, shiny trumpet...!


Name: Lukundo

Recommendation: Jacky Daydream - Jacqueline Wilson

Reason: It's all about Jacqueline Wilson and her childhood and school reports, including pictures! Sounds great for any Jacqueline Wilson fans who want to learn more about the author smiley


Name: Isabelle

Recommendation: The Last Guardian - Damian Harvey

Reason: Isabelle has been exploring fiction express, and has been really enjoying this book, based in the world of Winter Lockwood. Everyone has a login, so take a look and see what you think! smiley


Name: Fin

Recommendation: World's Worst Parents - David Walliams

Reason: It's similar to World's Worst Children, and it's like lots of shorter stories in one book.


Name: Keyaan

Book recommendation: Secrets of a Sun King - Emma Carroll

Reasons: It's about someone who receives a mysterious parcel from a famous Egyptologist on her doorstep.... she then travels on an incredible journey to Egypt to return the package to its resting place, to try to break the deadly pharaoh's curse...!


Name: Sydney

Book: Coram Boy - Jamila Gavin

Reasons: Sydney knows about this book because her mum teaches it! It's similar to Hetty Feather, by Jacqueline Wilson.


Name: Jess

Book: Kay's Anatomy - Adam Kay

Reasons: This is a medical book explaining the body. It's quite funny and goes through each area of the human body - the skin, blood, heart, and so on!



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