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Reading has a central part in a child’s education and in preparing them for life after school. It helps children develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and culturally. It also underpins successful access to education throughout their school careers and to employment beyond. On this page, I will be sharing, along with your help, some book recommendations as well as other ways that you can read at home. If you would like to submit a book review, please fill in the document below and email it to me at


Fiction Express

An innovative book platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through fun co-creation of stories. Every half-term, three books are published on our website in weekly chapters. What happens next is entirely up to the readers. Using your votes, they are able to decide where the plot goes next. Then the author will bring the most popular choice to life. If you need your login, please let me know.


Oxford Owl

Login using our class details (Username:owl2020   Password: maltese) Once you have done this, you can access a wide range of reading books which we also use in school. You can search by age range or book colour level e.g. blue/red.


Borrow Box

Login in, and you can borrow free books and audiobooks to read/listen to on your devices! Search BorrowBox in your app store to download the app.

To access this app, you either need an Essex library card, OR, you can sign up to get a temporary online card number to access BorrowBox at this link: 


Book review template

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