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What is National Fitness Day?


National Fitness Day is taking place all across the UK on 23rd September, designed to celebrate the fun of fitness and to make it more accessible to everyone. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities will come together for an active day to challenge themselves, how they feel about exercise and their bodies. It is a day to motivate people to get fitter and see the value in exercise for health and wellbeing.  



Why is National Fitness Day important?

National Fitness Day is celebrated to inspire the nation to move more and to understand the benefit of an active lifestyle. The UK faces a crisis of inactivity which can lead to long-term health conditions, so National Fitness Day works to show the benefits of exercise. Fitness not only improves our physical health, the wonderful benefits it can have extend to mental health, confidence and building friendships.


National Fitness Day aims to be accessible to everyone and prove that it is the best medicine for happier and healthier lives. It is not just for the fitness mad, starting the day off in an active way can make us more energetic, happier and less likely to be stressed.


With children, encouraging them to value and enjoy exercise can affect their opinion and motivation to exercise from an early age, showing them it doesn’t matter how good they are at a particular activity or sport, moving more is both good for them and fun.

However, it’s not just about one day, it’s about committing to changing your lifestyle to incorporate more exercise.


Maltese Road Primary School children and adults will all be taking part in at least 10 minutes of skipping on the 23rd September. Why don't you join in and make our Maltese Community the most active in the county.


There are loads of ways to take part;

1. Use a skipping rope 

2. Use a Hola Hoop

3. Skip on the spot

4.Jump on the spot


*Make up a routine and dazzle your friends* 


Enjoy being active.

Mr Hillis   



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