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Please be aware that Fuel and Tissue are not on spelling frame this week but they are on the spelling tet. So make sure you still use the look, say, cover write form attached below. 08.02.21


Attached below are the spellings for this week. Learn your spellings like you would normally for our spelling quiz on Friday. The first week of at home spellings is our base line. This gives us our challenge to beat our score or to continue to get them all right.


Try your best and after you learn your spellings you can use the spelling frame link to learn and use your spellings in different games. Follow instructions below. You must email Mr Hillis for your login details as they are personal to your child. 


Spelling Frame

 As you are aware, we now have Spelling Frame—a series of fun games to help you practise your spellings. Each week, I will set a ‘spelling list’ to practise which will link directly to your spellings so that you can practise them in a different way. Please continue to learn them the same way you have been doing and this is an addition to learning your spellings. Below, is an example of your home screen, where you will find your ‘active’ tests. Click the test and work through it and your score will be shared with me. You can practise the test as many times as you wish.  








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