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Story Time!

Charlotte's Web read by Mrs Strong

Chapter 1: Before Breakfast

runt - a small pig or other animal; the smallest in the litter
injustice - lack of fairness (unfair)
roller towel - a long towel with the ends joined, hung on a roller for drying hands
teat - where the milk is taken from a mother pig

Chapter 2 - Wilbur

stove - an oven
apple-blossom time - when the flowers of an apple tree blossom and apples begin to grow
doll's carriage - a pram
brook - a small stream
manure pile - animal dung used for fertilising land

Chapter 3 - The Escape

perspiration - sweat
axle grease - a thick oil for loosening machinery parts
grindstones - a thick disk of stone, used for sharpening metal objects
scythes - a tool used for hand cutting crops
pail - a bucket

Chapter 4 - Loneliness

Eaves - the part of a roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a building
Fold - a sheep pen
Middlings - the poorer quality part of flour or other products
Morsel - a small piece or amount of food
Molasses - thick, dark brown juice obtained from raw sugar
Dejected - sad and depressed

Chapter 5 - Charlotte

errand - to pick up or drop something off for someone
gnawing - chew or bite persistently
meekly - in a quiet, gentle, and submissive manner
slops - left overs often fed to animals
salutations - a formal greeting for hello
near-sighted - unable to see things clearly unless they are relatively close to the eyes

Chapter 6 - Summer Days

timothy - a type of grass which is widely grown for grazing and hay
jubilee- a celebration of a special event
Frigidaire- a brand of electric refrigerator
gosling - baby goose
unremitting - never relaxing or slackening
compunctions - anxiety arising from guilt

Chapter 7 - Bad News

loathe- a strong feeling of hatred or disgust
anaesthetic- a substance that doctors use to stop you feeling pain during an operation
hysterics - a wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction

Chapter 8 - A talk at home

sling shot - catapult
vaguely - in a way that is uncertain, indefinite or unclear

Chapter 9 - Wilbur's boast

spinnerets - organs through which the thread of spiders is produced
half hitch - a type of knot
oblige - do as someone asks or desires in order to help or please them
troupe - a group of people
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