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Thursday 14.01

English 14.01


Today you are going to complete your balanced argument. Open the Powerpoint below to guide you through the steps. Please remember to send me your final piece of work as I am excited to see what you have written.



Spend 30 minutes doing OTTER time with a choice of book. OTTER stands for OUR TIME  TO ENJOY READING and can be completed in any space that you feel comfortable: on your bed, in a chair, under a table, inside a homemade den! While reading, try to ignore all distractions happening around you and really focus on the story.





Today we are going to one last fraction recap before moving onto  decimals next week. I have selected a number of example SATs questions from previous papers which link to fractions. I have uploaded a video too to demonstrate how to complete some of the green challenges as well as some of the orange challenges - use these if you get stuck! As always you can choose your level of challenge and if you wish to do a selection from each level that is fine! You can mark your answers afterwards. I have also included a challenge below if you wish to complete this as well. 


Video support for green questions 1-4

Still image for this video
If there are any other questions you would like me to explain, please email me :)

Video support for Orange questions 3,4 and 6 explained

Still image for this video

Extra challenge: Bryony Triangle

Work out the size of the highlighted triangle

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