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Thursday 7th January 2021           English

Today in English, you are going to be completing two tasks. Firstly, you're going to 'box up' the class text. Then, you're going to plan your own text based on your own imaginary animal/alien.


Task 1: Boxing up the class text

Follow the link to watch this video, where I show you how to box up the class text.

Once you've watched the video, open one of the challenges below and finish boxing up the class text. You can add more bubbles to yours if you want to add extra information - use as much detail as you like!

Challenge 1: I've filled in some extra information for you.

Challenge 2: I haven't filled in any information for you.


Task 2: Planning your own text


Open the blank box-up document below. Now you are going to plan your own text about your own imaginary animal or alien. It might help to draw this animal or alien first! Think about what other animals you could mix together to create a new one.


Once you've got your ideas, fill in information on your new box-up about your animals appearance, habitat, diet and special skills.


If you find it tricky, use the class text to inspire you! I've included my own example below.

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