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This week in our science learning we are going to learn about what we need to grow plants. Watch the video below to find out about plants. 


LO: To know what plants need to grow. 


This week you are going to plant some seeds. This is going to be your science activity for a few weeks. Plant a seed and observe it growing. Make sure that you take care of the plant so that it grows tall. Use the sheets below to help record your observations. 


When you plant your seed, please design your Giants Castle and place it on a stick on top of the area you have planted your seed. Look at the example below. 



Science task;

After watching the video;

Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green- Draw a seed and label.

Amber -Draw and record a fact about what a plant needs to grow.

Red - Record what you should do to keep a plant alive and growing.


How Does A Seed Become A Plant? - YouTube (video link below)

How Does A Seed Become A Plant?

Jessi and Squeaks show you how a tiny seed -- like the kind you eat in your trail mix! -- grows into a big plant!#education #science #elementary #learning---...

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