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Thursday 7th January 2021.         Maths

LO: to subtract decimals within 1

Today in maths you are going to be subtracting decimals within 1. 


Challenge 1: subtracting decimals within 1, using written methods for subtraction

Watch the two videos below. These show how to subtract decimals with a place value chart, and without. Then open the document below and have a go at using your written method for subtraction to subtract decimals.


Challenge 2: subtracting decimals using number lines, part-whole models and written subtraction

Watch the video at the following link: (Don't worry about the Flashback 4 at the beginning - we haven't learnt about some of these yet!)

Complete the worksheet attached below as you watch the video - the video models how to do each question.

Challenge 3: subtracting decimals within 1, including problem solving and reasoning questions


Only choose this challenge if you know that you're confident with subtracting decimals within 1. This challenge deals with thousandths, as well as tenths and hundredths.

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