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Thursday 14th and Friday 15th May

WALT: write a recount in the style of a diary.


Today you are going to begin your recount/diary. Here is your task:

Take your minds back in time, thousands of years ago to the time when the Ancient Egyptians roamed Egypt. Your task is to imagine that you work for the current Pharaoh (king) who has asked you to take a trip along the River Nile making detailed notes about all that you see. I

See examples below for inspiration.


To do this you will need to do the following, using your plan from yesterday:


1. Think of a suitable title for your work e.g. Trip along the Nile, A report for my Pharaoh, Life along The Sacred River...


2. Write your introduction - remember to use your plan to include what you have been asked to do, why you have been asked to do it, how you will do it etc. You may also wish to include some facts about the River Nile here too.


3. Choose your first paragraph from your plan e.g. Leisure/wildlife/buildings. Use your notes from the video and Tuesday's lesson to write in detail some of the things you saw. 


4. Repeat this for the other paragraphs you have planned 


5. Conclude your diary entry/letter by summarising your day. What did you enjoy/find out? How do you feel having finished your journey? Was there anything you did not enjoy/would do differently? 


6. Send me your wonderful work via email 


Steps to Success: 

  • Vary your sentence openers (see the help sheet below)
  • Use a range of exciting descriptive language such as adjectives (elegant, exhausted, extensive) and adverbs (gracefully, forcefully, with strength, magnificently) to help the reader build up a clear picture in their mind
  • Use a range of punctuation to extend your sentence and add extra detail (e.g. commas, dashes, semi colon, brackets)
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