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Topic lessons WB 18.11.2021


Below is a grid with 5 challenges on - one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete on which day as long as by the end of the week, you have completed them all. Please remember to send me photos of your wonderful work to as (with your permission) I would love to upload it on our class page :)


Challenge 1: Art/Topic

In a couple of weeks, you will be creating an advert for a spy gadget. A gadget is a piece of equipment used to make a task easier. In the spy world, gadgets are usually disguised to look like an everyday object so that they go unnoticed. Watch the video clip below of Alex Rider being given his gadgets for his first mission.

This week I would like you to brainstorm some ideas for spy gadgets, draw some pictures and make notes around each one to explain what each gadget does. I have included some examples below to help you get ideas. Be as creative as you like as the more ingenious/whacky the better! 

Challenge 2: Science

Last week you investigated the parts of the eye and their functions. This week you are going to find out 'HOW WE SEE.' Although this probably seems quite straight's actually quite a complex process. Begin by watching the video clip below and working through the PowerPoint. Please note that you will need to watch the slide show from the beginning in order to view all steps clearly, alternatively you can read the pdf handout instead. 

Afterwards, you are going to cut/order the steps of how we see from the task sheet below.

Challenge: draw a diagram/step by step guide to explain how we see. 

Challenge 3: Geography



Challenge 4: PSHE

Mrs Stotter has set you some PSHE this week. In this lesson you are going to identify problems in the world that concern you and if possible talk to someone at home about them. Also, you are going to think about the emotions you experience when you consider people in the world who are suffering and living in difficult situations. Click below to find your tasks.

Challenge 5: Topic



Art resources

Alex Rider gadgets

Your eyes see, but how does vision happen? Find out how the eyes and brain work together in this eye video.

PSHE task

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