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Tuesday 2nd June - Friday 5th June


Choose one of the following 4 challenges to complete each day this week.


Remember, if you would like to share any of your topic work, I would love to see it. You can email a photo or a copy of it to me at


Challenge 1: Art

In art this week I would like you to have a go at creating your very own rainforest collage. I've attached some examples below. Using any old magazines or materials that you can find, can you cut up the materials and put them together to create an image of the rainforest. You might find different textures, or roll or scrunch materials in different ways to achieve different effects. If you can't find many materials, you could draw the rainforest and stick on any materials that you can find to create texture.


You can watch the 'Collage' video at this link to watch a collage being made.

Challenge 2: Science

This week in science, you're going to be looking at adaptation. Adaptation is all about how animals and living things are adapted to the environments that they live in, and what special features they have to help them to survive. Read the information and watch the videos at the link below, and then have a go at Activities 1 and 2 at the bottom of the webpage.

Challenge 3: PSHE

This week, Mrs Hands has set you a PSHE task, on relationships and technology. You can find the task below. I'm sure you'll be great at this task, as you've probably been using lots of technology to stay in touched with friends and loved ones recently!

Challenge 4: PE

This week in PE, I would like you to design your very own sports game. You can be as creative as you like, creating something completely unique, or if you find that difficult, you might try to combine to sports that you already like. For example, the sport 'footgolf' is a combination of football and golf, where you kick a football into a hole in the ground in as few kicks as possible. It might be a catching game or a running game, it's entirely up to you! Think carefully about the rules that you would need to make your game fair for everybody playing.



Collage examples for art

Collage examples for art 1
Collage examples for art 2
Collage examples for art 3

Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May


Choose one of the following 5 challenges to complete each day this week.


Remember, if you would like to share any of your topic work, I would love to see it. You can email a photo or a copy of it to me at


Challenge 1: D&T

Recently in D&T, you looked at different types of bridges, and then used these to reflect on your own bridge design. This week I would like you to create your own bridge. You can use any materials that you like – you might use cardboard and tape, you might use lego bricks – it is entirely up to you! Whilst building I want you to think carefully about how you are going to make your bridge strong and sturdy.

Challenge 2: PE

This week in PE, I’d like you to choose one activity from the PE link ( I would recommend Dance with Marshall ( – I’m afraid I wasn’t very good when I tried but it definitely made me work out!


Challenge 3: RE.

On the 7th of May, Buddhists celebrated Wesak (Buddha Day). Watch the videos and read the information at the following link to find out more. Then, have a go at making your very own Wesak lantern, following the instructions on the document attached below. All you will need is paper/card, scissors and glue.

Challenge 4: Music

This week in music you are going to be listening to a piece of music by a famous composer called Hans Zimmer. You probably already know the work of this composer – he’s written scores for the films ‘Madagascar’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and many more. Open the Music document below to see your task.

Challenge 5: Geography

This week in geography you’re going to learning about sustainability and plastics. We have an incredible natural world around us, including the rainforests, and it is so important for us to take care of our planet. Follow the link below. Watch the videos and complete the two activities beneath the videos.

Resources for Monday 18th - Friday 22nd

Earth - Hans Zimmer.mp3

Monday 11th May - Friday 15th May


Choose one of the following 5 challenges to complete each day this week.


Remember, if you would like to share any of your topic work, I would love to see it. You can email a photo or a copy of it to me at


Challenge 1: Computing.

This week in computing I want you to practise sending an email. We have not been able to practise this in school yet so this is a great time to. Your task is to send me an email telling me about your weekend, or perhaps your VE day celebrations. You might need an adults help with this task! Firstly, watch this video which tells you all about emails work:

Then, follow these steps:

1 - Open a new email. This will be different depending on which email provider your parent uses – they will be able to help you here!

2- Type the email address ( into the ‘To’ box.

3 - In the ‘Subject’ box, write a word or two about what the email is about. This is like the title of the email.

4 - Type your email out in the space for the main message. Remember to start with who you’re addressing the email to, and to end saying who it’s from.

5 – If you want an extra challenge, you could add a photo, perhaps of a piece of work that you are proud of. There is usually a little paperclip symbol that you can click to attach an image.

Challenge 2: Science.

This week’s topic lesson is inspired by some lovely flowers I have at the moment. As a little warm-up, look at the flower pictures that I've uploaded below. Can you remember the names of any of the different parts of the flower that we looked at, that you can see in this picture?

Next, I’d like you to read the information and watch the videos at the link below – it’s all about how plants reproduce. Once you’ve done this, try the two activities at the bottom of the BBC page.

Challenge 3: PSHE.

Mrs Hands has planned you another PSHE lesson for this week. You can find the task in the resources section below. This lesson is all about friendships, and understanding how friendships can change, how new friendships can be made, and how to manage when you might fall out with your friends. Firstly, you need to look up the meaning of some words. Then, you need to think about the positive and negative things about friendships. Finally, you need to think about what friendship means to you.

Challenge 4: Art.

This week in art, you are going to be looking at the artwork of Henri Rousseau. Henri Rousseau was a French painter who was inspired by the jungle. I’ve uploaded some of his paintings in the resources section below. Take a look at these paintings and have a go at answering the following questions:

  • What can you see in the painting? What kind of plants and flowers can you see?
  • Which colours are used? Try to describe them specifically, e.g. aqua blue instead of blue
  • How does this painting make you feel?
  • Which part of the world do you think the painting shows?
  • Why do you think the artist painted it?

Challenge 5: History.

Last Friday (8th May), VE Day was celebrated. VE stands for ‘Victory in Europe’ day, and it celebrates the end of World War Two. Today’s history lesson is nice and relaxed - I’ve uploaded a VE Day word search for you to complete. You can talk about the meanings of any words that you’re unsure of with people at home.

Monday 4th May - Friday 8th May


Choose one of the following 5 challenges to complete each day this week.


Remember, if you would like to share any of your topic work, I would love to see it. You can email a photo or a copy of it to me at


Challenge 1: PE. To get active this week, I would like you to choose one activity from the PE link on our class page ( If you haven’t already looked, Marshall’s dance videos are fantastic and a great way to get your heart pumping!

Challenge 2: RE. In RE, we are going to revisit our learning on Islam, to see what you can remember. Write down everything that you can remember about Islam: you could do this as a mind-map, you could do drawings with some words, it’s up to you! Once you’ve done this, read the information and watch the videos at this link: Don’t do the activities, but instead add any information that you forgot to your mind-map in a different colour.

Challenge 3: D&T. Last week, you designed your very own bridge. This week, you’re going to look at some of the different types of bridges: suspension bridges, arch bridges, cantilever bridges and beam bridges. Look at the PowerPoint attached below to find out more about these. Now look back at your own design. Can you label any of the features of these different bridge types on your own bridge? Do you want to edit your own bridge in any way, perhaps to make it even stronger, after looking at these bridges?

Challenge 4: Topic. In science, we’ve been thinking about living things, and in our topic, we’ve been thinking about where different rainforests are in the world. For today’s topic task, you’re going to be looking at plants commonly found in rainforests. There is a sheet for you to complete in the resources below. First of all, mark on a map where each of these plants can be found around the world. Then, choose three of these plants and see if you can find out some more information about them.

Challenge 5: Music. This week in music, you’re going to be looking at duration and tempo. I’d like you to look through the information and watch the videos at this link:

Once you’ve done that, have a go at activity one. Throughout the week you can think about duration and tempo in your favourite songs.

Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May


Choose one of the following 5 challenges to complete each day this week.


Remember, if you would like to share any of your topic work, I would love to see it. You can email a photo or a copy of it to me at


Challenge 1: Science. Our new science topic is all about living things and their habitats. Your task this week is to think about the life cycles of mammals. I've attached four photos for you giving information about mammal life cycles, and the three different types of mammals. Then you can choose one of the three mammals (a rabbit, a kangaroo or a platypus) to create a life cycle wheel for. There are three levels of challenge for creating the life cycle wheels (scroll to the bottom of the document for challenge 3). If you don’t have a printer, you can draw your own life cycle of one of these three mammals in your book.

Challenge 2: PSHE. This week, Mrs Hands has planned a PSHE task for you. This task is all about understanding and celebrating all of the fantastic things about you! I’ve attached the task below.
Challenge 3: D&T. For our topic, we will be comparing human features of South America and the UK. These are features which humans have created, such as bridges. Did you know that not a single bridge crosses the Amazon River in South America? Yet there are 33 bridges which cross the River Thames in London. Your task is to design your own bridge – draw a detailed picture and label the different features of your bridge. Think about which materials you would make your bridge from. How you would you design your bridge to make it as strong as possible? You could also look at some pictures of bridges to inspire you. Next week we'll learn more about different types of bridges smiley

Challenge 4: Geography. In geography, we are going to have a look at settlements. Follow this link - there are videos to watch and activities to complete.

Do you think there are any settlements in the Amazon rainforest? If so, how do you think they might be different to those shown in the videos that you've watched?

Challenge 5: This challenge is a reminder that not all learning takes place in school, within our normal school subjects. I would like you to open the Challenge 5 document below, which lists 16 everyday activities that count as learning. Choose one of these activities to do. Remember, it is not safe for everybody to be out taking walks at the moment, so only choose this one if it is safe for you to do so.

Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April


Our new topic is all about the rainforest! It is so important to look after our environment and to protect areas of rainforest. Lots of your topic challenges will involve learning all about this new topic. 


I would love to see some of your topic work! If you would like to share some, you can email a photo or a copy of it to me at smiley


Choose one of the following 5 challenges to complete each day this week.


Challenge 1: French/PE. Follow the link below to watch the video. This will remind you of some different greetings in French. Stay active by completing the actions throughout the song. Can you continue to use these greetings at home throughout the week?

Challenge 2: Topic. For this task, I would like you to look at the Rainforest PowerPoint attached below. Once you’ve read through the information, I would like you to draw your own rainforest. Include lots of the animals from the PowerPoint. Finally, label the animals/different parts of the rainforest to give me some extra information about them.
Challenge 3: Geography. In geography, you are going to find and label some continents and rainforests across the world. You can find the task below – the first page tells you what to label, the second page gives you a map to label, and the final page shows you the answers. To help you, you could use Google to search things like ‘Where is the Amazon rainforest’, and click on images. What do you notice about where all of the rainforests are?
Challenge 4: Art. Choose any object in your house to sketch. It could be anything at all – a shoe, a favourite toy, a piece of fruit, or anything else. Think about the skills we practised in our lesson where we sketched the fruit bowl. Use little, soft pencil strokes to control the shape. Carefully copy the detail that you can see. Can you use shading and hatching to make it seem 3D?

Challenge 5: Music. This task is simple – it is just to sing to some of your favourite songs! Singing is a great way to make us feel good. You could sing as a family, on your own, you could make up some actions, but just have fun and enjoy singing smiley

If you want to, you can find a video here about how to sing with feeling:

Resources for Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April

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