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Topic Lessons


Below is a grid of 5 topic lessons. Each week I will add 5 new activities for you to complete throughout the week - you should choose one activity per day. If you would like to send me any pictures of your work, I would love to see them:




Challenge 1:  Art 


For your art this week, I would like you to create a picture of one of your favourite memories from year 3. You could draw it, paint, collage etc…

Think back to all the fun activities we have done so far this year and choose your favourite one. Please email me when you have finished as I would love to see what you have created!




Challenge 2: Science


LO: Types of skeletons


Today I would like you to go throughout the powerpoint below to learn about the different types of skeletons. Once you have done this please complete the sorting activity below.


Challenge 3: Computing


Today you are going to recap your learning from the year. I would like you to login to espresso coding and complete some of the activities to refresh your memory!


Challenge 4: RE


LO: Hinduism


Mrs Stotter has created some really fun RE for you to do this week. Please find the activity below!


Challenge 5: PE


Have you been doing Joe Wicks work outs everyday still?


Today I would like you to pretend you are Joe Wicks, making up a workout for someone in your house to complete. Remember to add a warm up and a warm down!



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