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Weekly challenges:

Date set: 2.6.2020


Challenge 1 –  Art


Our English tasks for the next couple of weeks are all linked to the ocean as World Ocean Day is coming up on the 8th June.


For art this week, I am challenging you to try something different. Origami!

I would like you to have a go at creating a boat using origami. I have attached a few different sets of instructions below or you could find your own to follow. Good luck!


I would love to see any boats you create!

If you can, send me a picture to

With permission I can share them on the class page for others to see too.

Challenge 2 – Topic


For your Topic this week I would like you to have a look through the PowerPoint that I have attached below.

Can you find the answers to the following questions?


1. How many active volcanoes are there on Earth?

2. What are the three different categories of volcanoes used by scientists?

3. What is the difference between magma and lava?

Challenge 3 –  Science


Water can change from a solid to a liquid. As a Solid it is ice. As a Liquid it is water.

When ice is heated it melts from a solid to a liquid.


This can also happen to other solids.

Example: chocolate

When solid chocolate is heated it melts into a liquid.


Can you think of at least 5 other solids that become liquid when heated?

Helpful hit: lots can be found in the kitchen

Challenge 4 – Computing


Before half term we were learning about coordinates in maths. Have a go at these online games to see how quickly you can identify coordinates.

Challenge 5 –  RE

This week, Mrs Hands has planned a RE task for you. This task is all about Wesak. I have attached the PowerPoint below.

Weekly challenges:


Date set: 18.5.2020


Challenge 1 - Geography


Today I would like you to create a glossary for these volcano key words.









Remember, each word in your glossary needs a definition and the words should be placed in alphabetical order.

Challenge 2 - Science    States of matter

Processes that change water are called melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation.

Have a look at the following information:

Copy these sentences and fill in the missing words (Liquid, solid, gas)

Heating a ________ to a ________ is called melting

Cooling a ________ to a ________ is called freezing

Heating a________ to a ________ is called evaporation

Cooling a ________ to a________ is called condensation

Challenge 3 - ART

Eruptions from volcanoes can be very dangerous.

Design a warning sign that can be placed near to a volcano to warn visitors not to get too close. 

Make sure you create a sign in a shape that will stand out to visitors and use colours they will notice.

Challenge 4 - Music

Put on some music and have a sing or a dance! Singing and moving are great ways to make us feel good and lift our moods. You could do this with others or on your own. Have fun and enjoy some music.


Challenge 5 - RE

This week, Mrs Hands has planned a RE task for you. This task is all about The Four Noble Truths. I have attached the task and PowerPoint below.


Weekly challenges:


Date set: 11.5.2020


Challenge 1 - Geography

Parts of a volcano.

This week I would like you to label the parts of a volcano.

Find the attached PDF below which has a diagram for you to complete or you could draw and label your own volcano.


I have added a link to website about the parts of a volcano to help you. 

Challenge 2 - Science    

Introduction to states of matter

Solids, liquids and gases are called the three states of matter.


To start to understand the idea of states of matter:

Watch this video

And read through this information

Challenge 3 - Computing

Keyboard skills

Learning to type carefully is a brilliant skill!

It improves your memory, concentration and accuracy.

Have a go at level one of learning to touch typing -

Try to use the correct fingers and remember there's no need to rush!

Challenge 4 - PE

Jump around

Using a 30 second timer see how many of the following jumps you can complete in 30 seconds.

  • Star jump
  • Lateral jump (from side to side)
  • Squat jump
  • Single leg hop

Challenge 5 - RE


This week, Mrs Hands has planned a RE task for you. This task is all about the Buddha’s life story. I have attached the task and PowerPoint below.

Weekly challenges:


Date set: 4.5.2020


Challenge 1 - Emoji art challenge

I have absolutely loved the photos you sent me last week and I know others are enjoying seeing them too.

Each one has made me so happy!

So this week I am challenging you to create a happy emoji to make us smile! It could be a thumbs up or a big smile. You could draw it, paint it or construct it. Be as creative as you like.


Send me a picture of your emoji to and I will put it on the class page.

Remember to add a little note to the email to give me permission.


Challenge 2 - Science    

Water cycle

Have another listen to the water cycle song.

1. What are the different types of precipitation? Draw a picture of each type.

2. Draw a simple diagram of the water cycle. Make sure you include arrows to show the direction of the water.

3. Write a paragraph to explain how water moves through the water cycle.


Challenge 3 - Geography

All about volcanoes.

This week I would like you to do some research on volcanoes.

Find the attached PDF below which has some questions for you to answer.

I have added some links to websites about volcanoes below to help you.


Challenge 4 - PE

Check out Marshall’s dance page! He has added a video for KS2. 


Challenge 5 - PSHE

This week, Mrs Hands has planned a PSHE task for you. This task is all about animal rights and different points of view. I have attached it below.

Weekly challenges:


Date set: 27.4.2020

Please choose one of these challenges to complete each day in addition to your daily math and English task: 


Challenge 1 - Geography


Did you know that the earth is made up of different layers?

Watch this video for more information:

Draw your own diagram of the layers of the earth. Don’t forget to label the crust, mantle, inner core and outer core.

You could also add some extra facts to your diagram e.g. the distance of each layer.



Challenge 2 - Science Investigate evaporation


The best time to investigate evaporation at home is on a sunny day.

Choose one of the following ways to investigate evaporation or think of your own way investigation...


1. Make 3 different sized puddles of water outside, small, medium and large. Record how long it takes for each one to evaporate.  (this will not work on grass)


2. Use 3 different pieces of kitchen roll, add different amounts of water to each, place them on a window sill or attach them to the window – record how long each one takes to evaporate.


Challenge 3 - PE - Target practice


Your task this week is to design your own target practice challenge.

Your challenge can be as creative as you like. It can involve scoring points or hitting targets in order.

Your equipment can be as big or small as you like…. Marbles, tiddlywinks, table tennis balls, football…

If you can… teach someone how to play or take a picture of your challenge.


Challenge 4 - Computing


How can we communicate online?

Read through this information and watch the video about communicating online.

Make a list of 5 different ways we can communicate online. Draw a picture to represent each one.


Challenge 5 -DT


Healthy eating

Can you make your fruit look more exciting to eat?

Create a picture using fruit. Remember to plan your design first and label the different fruits that you will be using.

Be careful when preparing your design – ask an adult if you need help.




If you can - take a picture of your design and email it to me!

I would love to see them and with permission I will add them to our class page for everyone else to see too!

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