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Below is a grid with 5 challenges on - one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete on which day as long as by the end of the week, you have completed them all. Please remember to send me photos of your wonderful work to as (with your permission) I would love to upload it on our class page :)


Challenge 1: RE

Mrs Stotter has provided a PDF document for this week's RE which can be found below. Having found out a little bit about Humanism last week and its core values, this week you are going to focus on the Happy Human symbol. The Happy Human is a symbol designed by Dennis Barrington. He won a competition organised by the British Humanist Association (BHA) in 1965. Your task is to design your own symbol which represents the values most important to you. Open the PowerPoint below for more information. 

Challenge 2: Science/Art

Last week, you sorted sources of light for our new topic light and sight. Today you are going to find out about the human eye and explore the different parts.

Begin by clicking on this link or copying it into your web browser: this will give you the information for today's lesson. 

Open the document below for the instructions. There are 3 challenges for you to have a go at, however the RED challenge is optional (making a model/diagram of the eye.)  

Challenge 3: Geography

Due to the fact that spies travel all over the world, they are required to have good map skills. This half term you will be putting your map skills through their paces to see if you have what it takes. This week, we are focusing on: basic understanding of the world map! Below, there is a PDF document with your first missions contained inside. Good luck!

Challenge 4: ICT

Our computing this half term is coding. Watch the video clip below to remind yourself about 'coding.' and then click on the following link  (or copy and paste it into your web browser) 

This will take you to a coding express course with a selection of activities to work through at your own pace! Learn to create computer programs, work through fun challenges, make games and creative projects. I suggest you start at the top and work through the different activities, reading the instructions to help you each time. You can then come back to it another time - just remember where you left off! 

Challenge 5: PE

It is important to stay active during these times and although at the moment, you are restricted in many ways, this doesn't mean you can't stay fit at home! Last week, many of you enjoyed the dice challenge and enjoyed getting family members involved! This week, I have attached another 2 activities for you to try at home, see the instructions and video below.

Also remember that Joe Wicks is back doing his PE at home 3 days a week, starting on Monday 11th January! 


Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?

PE activities and video

PE Activity 2: Coordination with ball skills

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