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Below is a grid of 5 topic lessons. Each week I will add 5 new activities for you to complete throughout the week - you should choose one activity per day. If you would like to send me any pictures of your work, I would love to see them:



Challenge 1 Topic


The Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death and as a means of ensuring you had a safe trip to the after life, pharaohs' bodies went through a long process called mummification. Read through the PowerPoint below to understand the process and then complete the activity sheet to record your understanding of mummification.   


Challenge 2 Science 


Have a go at the mummification....on a piece of fruit! As the body is largely made up of water, the body had to be thoroughly dried out before mummifying it. To do this, they used a substance called Natron which a salt mixture taken from dry lake beds, used to draw out the water from the body. Follow the instructions below and find out the effect that salt has on your piece of fruit. Take photos and keep a record of the changes that occur. 


Challenge 3 Art/DT


Once the vital organs were removed from the body, they were placed in special jars called Canopic Jars. Watch the video below and read this information then have a go at making your own canopic jars. You can decide how you do this; I have included some examples below. You can simply draw and label the canopic jars or make them using jars/Pringles tubes, plastic cups, kitchen roll tubes or anything else you can find! Again, please remember to send me some photos :)


Challenge 4 French


Madame Davis has set you some work this week on fruit :) There are 2 challenges below to complete. 1. Choose the correct fruit name for the photo. 2. Fruit dominoes - cut out and match the fruit to their names.


Challenge 5 RE


Mrs Hands has set you some work - continuing to find out about the Sikh religion. Begin by going through the Powerpoint and watch the following video clip

Then you can complete the activity on the word document about something that is special to you.


Challenge 3:Canopic jars

Canopic Jars examples

Canopic Jars examples 1
Canopic Jars examples 2
Canopic Jars examples 3
Canopic Jars examples 4
Canopic Jars examples 5
Canopic Jars examples 6

Week beginning 22.06.2020


Challenge 1 Geography

Explore the limits of outer space, plunge into the depths of the ocean and travel to the far-flung corners of our incredible world. Click on the link below and login using the username: student 70656    password: maltese  


Choose a day, watch the video and then complete the answer on the PDF sheet below. You can watch as many as you like :)


Challenge 2 French


Complete the numbers crossword below. Use the support sheet if you get stuck.


Challenge 3 History


Click here to watch a video about the discovery of King Tutankhamun. Then click here to find out even more.

I have also attached a powerpoint which explains the discovery in more detail. Use the login details listed in challenge 1.


Write a diary entry or a newspaper report about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. 


Challenge 4 PSHE


Mrs Hands has set you a piece of work about 'changing me' and self esteem. Click the word document below to find this activity. Please note that you only need to complete lesson one from this document this week.


Challenge 5 ART


Draw some of the artifacts found in Tutankhamen's tomb. You can find information about some of these by clicking here also find images of some of the treasures below, watch the video clip or do your own research.



Biography of Tutankhamun, Discovery of his Tomb

Week beginning 15.6.2020


Challenge 1 Topic


Watch this video clip about Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Hieroglyphs were a form of writing for the Ancient Egyptians and were made up of symbols.

Afterwards make your own cartouche using hieroglyphs to write your name using the template below.


Challenge 2 DT/ART


If you are feeling really creative, why not make your own salt dough cartouche using the instructions below on the PDF. I have also added a picture for inspiration. You could make your cartouche using the design you made in challenge one and then when it is dry you can paint it :) 


Challenge 3 Music


Open the word document below and follow the link to The Oak Academy for a music lesson on rhythm. Please note that Mrs Hands has added all of the music lessons in one document but you only need to complete the first one this week :) 


Challenge 4 RE


Mrs Hands has set you a challenge about finding out about the Sikh holy book 'Guru Granth Sahib'

(a collection of teachings and writings by Guru Nanak and other Gurus as well as Sikh, Hindu and Muslim saints.)

Watch the powerpoint below and then choose either the amber or red challenge and if you still want more....have a go at the extension. Please note that the word document is a series of lessons and you only need to complete the first lesson this week. 

Challenge 5 - Science


Over the past few weeks, you have been learning about the heart. This week I would like you to create a poster encouraging people to keep their heart healthy! Think of all of the things that we can do in order to keep our heart healthy such as eating a well balanced diet, completing plenty of exercise. Also, think about things to avoid such as smoking and lots of fatty foods. Click this link for more ideas and look at the examples I have attached below for inspiration :)


Example clay cartouche

Example clay cartouche 1

Challenge 5: Healthy heart poster examples

Challenge 5: Healthy heart poster examples  1
Challenge 5: Healthy heart poster examples  2
Challenge 5: Healthy heart poster examples  3

Week beginning 8.6.2020


Challenge 1 French


Madame Davies has set you a challenge to learn about stationery in French.

Click on the pdf below to learn some new vocabulary. 


Challenge 2 Science


Today (8.6.2020) is World Ocean day. Click on this website and browse the exciting resources they have to offer relating to saving ocean wildlife, benefits of being at the beach, how to become a marine biologist etc. 


Challenge 3 ICT


Continue to enhance your touch typing skills - try level 2 if you have completed level one.


Challenge 4 Topic


Create an information leaflet/Powepoint about The Ancient Egyptians. You could split it into different headings such as Jobs, Clothing, Animals, Mummification, Gods and Goddesses, Buildings, The River Nile etc.

This website offers lots of interesting information 

Make your presentation bright and colourful, add images and transitions if you know how. Remember you can copy and paste information but make sure that you have read it first!!


Challenge 5 PSHE/ICT


Mrs Hands has set you a lesson to complete about keeping safe online. 

Click on the pdf resource below and use the word document to complete today's work. 



Week beginning 2.6.2020


Challenge 1: ICT


Click on the link to have a go at touch typing. When you can do it well, touch typing is the fastest way to write. Many people quickly learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen. There are many levels to complete but I suggest starting at level one as it takes some getting used to! 


Challenge 2: Science


Last week, you created a diagram of the heart. This week you are going to learn about how the heart works.

Begin by watching this video clip:


Once you have watched this, choose one of the 'how the heart works' activities below. Copy out the information and fill the gaps using the words provided. 


Challenge 3: PSHE


Mrs Hands has set you a piece of work where you are encouraged to think about significant people in your life. 

Click on the word document below to find this piece of work.


Challenge 4: Topic


Over the years, the Ancient Egyptians developed a system which was called a ‘hierarchy’. This was a class system and each person living in ancient Egypt knew where they existed in the system and had specific rights of that class. You are going to create a hierarchy pyramid using the information provided on the PDF below. I have added an example of what your pyramid could look like, as well as a pyramid net which you may wish to use. 




Social Hierarchy pyramid example

Social Hierarchy pyramid example 1

Week beginning 18.05.2020



Challenge 1 DT

A shaduf was a contraption invented by the Ancient Egyptians for taking water from the River Nile to water their crops.

Have a go at making a model shaduf from anything you have at home! images below for inspiration as well as watching the video clip 



Challenge 2: RE

You are going to examine religious ideas about heaven. Think about what heaven means to you and then use the information on the RE information sheet to help you sort ideas about heaved from 2 different religions. 



Challenge 3: History/Geography watch this video and create a mind map/spider diagram about why the Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians (as well as still today.)



Challenge 4: Science

If you are able to print, print out the heart cut out activity below and follow the heart cut out instructions to make a model of the heart.

If you are unable to print, draw a label a diagram of the heart or make one using bits you have at home!



Challenge 5 PSHE

Complete the review of the year sheet below, telling me which units of work you enjoyed the most this year.

Send it to me once you have completed it to help me to learn what worked well :)


Example Shaduf models

Example Shaduf models 1
Example Shaduf models 2
Example Shaduf models 3
Example Shaduf models 4

Week beginning 11.05.2020



Challenge 1 Geography/DT

WALT: Locate features of Ancient Egypt.

 Make a map of the River Nile showing the deserts, the flood plain and the key cities and landmarks of Ancient Egypt. This could be just drawn or you could make it 3D with papier mache, play doh or plasticine. See the examples below for inspiration.



Challenge 2: PSHE

Mrs Hands has set you a challenge to create a poster to help people remember how to put someone into the recovery position. Please see the PSHE resources below to help you do this.



Challenge 3: Science 

Our new science topic is The Human Circulatory System. The circulatory system, also known as your cardiovascular system, is made up of your heart and blood vessels. It works to transport oxygen and other nutrients to all the organs and tissues in your body. It also works to remove carbon dioxide and other waste products. Watch this video to help get started 

Then complete the vital organs activity below.


Challenge 4: PE


As we will be looking at the Heart in science, you are going to investigate the effect that exercise has on your heart beat! Follow the PowerPoint to learn how to find and record your pulse rate and then complete the investigation by completing a series of simple exercises and counting your pulse rate.


CHALLENGE: I have attached a blank graph sheet for you to record your results if you have time. 


Challenge 5:History/Geography


Can you find out the names of the 3 seasons of farming in ancient Egypt? We will use this information next week.


Resources for this week

Resources for this week 1 Example Nile models
Resources for this week 2
Resources for this week 3
Resources for this week 4
Resources for this week 5



Week beginning 4.5.2020


Challenge 1: Science


Before we left school, we started investigating light and sight. Use the PowerPoint and worksheet below to investigate REFRACTION. Use this video clip to help you understand what happens 


Complete the investigation by looking at images through a glass of water.

Challenge 2: History

watch this video which give us an introduction to life in Ancient Egypt. Afterwards, complete the activity below called Life in Ancient Egypt. This activity requires you to consider the different aspects of life in Ancient Egypt to kick-start our topic. We will look more closely at each of these elements over the next few weeks, so just makes brief notes at this point J

Challenge 3: Geography


Do you know where in the world Egypt is? 

Read through the presentation called Where is Egypt below.

Afterwards choose an activity to complete: Egypt Map Easier or Egypt Map Challenge.

Challenge 4: DT


It is said that the Ancient Egyptians invented bread! With permission, have a go at making some Egyptian flat bread. Find the recipe in the resource section below.

Challenge 5: RE


Mrs Hand has set you an activity about immortality and mortality. Find the activity and presentation in the resources below called RE lesson 2. Begin by thinking about life cycles and then choose either the green, orange or red challenge by scrolling through the document.   



Week beginning 27.4.2020




Knowing how to keep safe is a vital life skill. Mrs Hands has set an activity which encourages you to think about dangers around you and how to use the recovery position. See the worksheet below this grid called PHSE lesson 1.

Topic 1 Ancient Civilisations Map 


Our new topic is Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were an ancient civilisation. In this lesson you will find out what is meant by 'Ancient Civilisations' and learn where some of the earliest civilisations began in the world. Begin by reading through the Ancient Civilisations presentation. Then, open the activity below named Map and Questions. Begin by exploring the names of the early civilisations and where they were found in the world and then answer the questions.

Topic 2 Ancient Civilisations timeline

Have another look at the Ancient Civilisations presentation below to remind you about creating timelines. 


Having learned some of the names and  dates of the earliest civilisations in topic lesson 1, you are now going to create a timeline of these. I have attached a format to give you an example but I know how creative some of you are, therefore you may wish to create your own timeline with pictures and labels! 



Get up and learn the dance on Just Dance for the song Walk Like An Egyptian!


Art and Design

Below is the very famous death mask of  King Tutankhamen (we will learn more about him over the next few weeks) Why not have a go at designing your own version. You should design your own pattern, shape and detail and can colour it using whatever you have at home: pencils/pens/paints/collage etc.




Week beginning 20.4.2020

Challenge 1: RE


Mrs Hands has set the following task (See RE LESSON 1 word document below)

Investigate the idea of ‘eternity’. Find out the meaning and then draw what it represents to you.

Challenge 2: Music/Topic


Listen to Ellie Golding – Our Planet.

1. Write down what the key message is in this song. 2. How do the video clips help to send the message? 3. Why do you think this video was made?

Challenge: make up your own verse for the song or learn the chorus.

Challenge 3: D.T

Fashion for Trashion! 

You should create an outfit made out of items in your house – this could be foil, newspaper, crisp packets etc. It could be anything that you can re-use and recycle. Why not create a runway at home and show off your designs to your family and/or email me with a photograph/drawing of your trash-ion. See word document below for ideas....


Challenge 4: History


In history, we looked at pictures of Chelmsford then (1900s) and now. I would like you to find out some facts about Chelmsford in the past for example: Chelmsford was once the capital of England for a few days when the seat of Government was temporarily moved here, 600 years ago. It's believed that Richard II stayed in a royal manor in Writtle.

Challenge 5: Science


Think back to our spy topic… Spies used to come up with ingenious ways to pass information in secret. One way of doing this was writing in invisible ink. There are many simple ways of creating invisible ink using store cupboard ingredients! One example that I have tried in the past is lemon juice…click link for instructions


See if you can research some different invisible ink methods and test some out and write a results table of the most/least effective.

Challenge: can you find out how and why each method works e.g. how/why does lemon juice create a message when heated?


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