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Hello Bumblebee class!

Week beginning Monday 22nd February – Friday 26th February 2021

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Please find all of your activities below. Underneath this document you will find all of the videos and documents you need to complete the learning. Please remember the sheets are only there as a guide, you are more than welcome to print and use them. If you can’t please do not worry, any resources you have at home will do just fine.




What you will need


Today we are continuing with our topic – Space.

  1. Today I would like you to start by looking at the Powerpoint. Make sure you listen to the sound buttons and follow Miss Del Pizzo’s instructions.


  1. In this Powerpoint you will need to listen to the space song.


  1. Once you have done this you will need to complete the activity. You can print the document I have provided or use paper and pens that you have at home. Today you will be putting the planets in order, you can use yesterday’s Powerpoint to help you with this. Don’t forget to colour in your planets.



Can you sing along with the space song?  


Electronic device to watch PowerPoint video


Printed worksheets or paper that you have at home


Pencil or pen

Phonics / reading

Today you will be completing your reading comprehension.  


  1. First you need to look at the document to see which book you will be reading today. (You can choose another if you have already read this one or would like to read one of your own).


  1. You will need to log onto oxford owl (you can find the log on details on the document provided).


  1. When you have found your book, you can read this independently, out loud for an adult to hear. Can your adult ask you questions as you read?


  1. Once you have finished reading you can complete the activities to go with each story (if using oxford owl).



Can you ask your adult a question about what you have just read?


Electronic device for oxford owl.


Or you own book from home.  



Today you will be learning to represent and sorting the numbers 9 and 10.


  1. First you will need to follow the link to watch the White rose video number 2.
  2. Once you are done watching the video you can start the activity. You will be sorting the picture cards into two groups. One group containing pictures showing 9 and one group showing pictures showing 10.



Can you practise your number formation of all numbers from 0 to 10? How many can you form correctly?



Electronic device to watch the videos


Printed worksheets or paper that you have at home


Pencil or pen


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