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Tuesday 5th January 2021.         English

Today in English you have three short tasks to complete.


1. Spelling

I have set each spelling group (green, amber and red) some spellings to focus on today, and throughout the week.

You can either practice these using the ‘look, cover, write check’ grids (you can find this attached below), or on Please email me if you are not sure of your spellingframe login details.

Practise these and get an adult to test you at some point during the week!

2. Handwriting

LO: to practise joining to and from the letter r.

Open the handwriting document below and complete all three sections (Focus, Extra and Extension).

3. Grammar

LO: to use its and it’s correctly.

Open the grammar task below and complete the questions.



It’s with an apostrophe is the contracted (the shorter) version of ‘it is’.

For example, It’s raining outside. (It’s here is short for ‘it is’)

Its without an apostrophe shows that something belongs to something.

For example, The elephant swung its trunk. (Its here is not short for ‘it is’.)

See this video for more support:

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