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Below You will find Phonics task and English task under each heading


Phonics Task


Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green - I can say the sound

Amber - I can use my hands to sound out a word with my sound in it.

Red - I can use my sound buttons and letter lines correctly.


Our new Phase 5 sound is 'ue'. We sound this out by saying 'yoo' or 'oo' This sound can sometimes sound the same as 'oo'.


Watch the video below and complete the learning along with the video. 


Challenge- Can you make sentences using words with our new sound in them? 

Tuesday Phonics UE.wmv

Still image for this video

English Task 


Watch video to understand learning for today and complete activity. Make sure you listen to and act out your story as well. You will need it for next week.


Learning Objective: To use question marks 

Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green - I can put a question mark in the correct place. 

Amber - I can use a question mark and full stop correctly. 

Red - I can create my own questions.


Please be aware that you only need to complete one of the challenges below not all challenges. Pick a challenge relevant to your child's learning. 

Question marks lesson.wmv

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Goldilocks and three bears.wmv

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