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In our topic this term we are going to learn all about Walt Disney and the significant contribution that he has given through his creation of Disney animations/films. Below follow the video to learn about the evolution of Mickey Mouse through the years. The complete your timeline of Mickey Mouse.


What is a timeline?

Why do we use a timeline? 


A time line is a sequence of significant/ important events in your life. 





LO: To order important events of Mickey Mouse from the past to the present 


Remember to use the language, past(happened a long time ago), present (Today) and future (will happen). 


Watch the video to find out how we show a timeline.   (Video link below)

The History of Mickey Mouse

"The History of Mickey Mouse"We are only 2 days away from the release of Disney Epic Mickey! We wanted to give you guys a look back on the history of Hollyw...

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