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Tuesday 5th January 2021.         Maths

This week in maths we are going to continue looking at decimals.


Today's LO: to understand the place value of decimals


Look at the place value chart below. It shows our whole numbers, from millions to ones. It also shows our decimal numbers, including tenths and hundredths. Beneath, it shows how many tenths and hundredths are in each number. It also demonstrates how to partition decimals.

Your task today is to think about the value of digits in decimal numbers.


Watch the following video:


Then choose challenge 1, 2 or 3 below to complete. Draw a place value grid like mine above to help you if you're not feeling confident!


Challenge 1: thinking about the value of digits in decimals


Challenge 2: thinking about the value of digits in decimals, with questions presented in different ways


Challenge 3: problem solving and reasoning questions about decimals with 2d.p.

Support for Challenge 1, Question 1

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Question 2

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Question 3 support .mov

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