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Below You will find Phonics task and English task under each heading


Phonics Task


Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green - I can say the sound

Amber - I can use my hands to sound out a word with my sound in it.

Red - I can use my sound buttons and letter lines correctly.


Our new Phase 5 sound is 'wh'. This sound also sounds the same as 'w'.


Watch the video below as an extra to your Phonics Zoom Class today and complete the activity sheet below. 


WH Digraph Sound | WH Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children - YouTube  (video link)

WH Digraph Sound | WH Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children

This animated phonics song helps children learn the sounds of the digraph WH in English. A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound. Co...

Phonics Activity

English Task 


Make sure you listen and act out your story as well. You will need it for next week.



Learning Objective: To retell the story 

Expectations (Green, Amber, Red)

Green - I can sequence the story in order. 

Green - I can label my pictures. (verbalise the story/words I want to write)

Amber – I can use a traditional tale starter (Once upon a time..)

Amber - I can use capital letters finger space and full stop in the correct place in a sentence 

Amber - I can use first, then, after, next, finally to sequence my story   

Red - I can use 'and' to join two sentences together

Red – I can use question and exclamation marks


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s English activity is to sequence our traditional tale, 'Goldilocks and the three bears'. If you are able to print out the pictures then you can cut them out and sequence them in the correct order. After taking the pictures one at a time, stick them in and write a sentence beside the picture to start to retell what is happening in the story. I have shown an example below.





If you are unable to print out the pictures then instead of printing the pictures and sequencing them, you can draw them and then write the sentence beside them to retell what is happening in the story.    


If your child finds it difficult to write a sentence by themselves, Then have them recall what is happening at this point and instead they can create a story map(Again this can be done by printing out the pictures or drawing them). You are still sequencing the story in order and with the use of arrows signalling what happens next and as they sequence your child should be verbally explaining to you what has happened. Once your child completes this they can then challenge themselves by labelling the pictures they have sequenced. The extension from this is to use the word in a sentence verbally. I have given an example below. If they are able to label using the word and this would also involve using their previous learning. 




When working with your child use the above expectations (Green, Amber, Red) to mark their work. every mistake is not a chance to improve. Pick two max areas to help with, examples could be finger spaces and high frequency words or full stops and capital letters. The idea is to challenge yourself more from the previous weeks work or to consolidate skills that were tricky.  

Goldilocks and three bears.wmv

Still image for this video
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