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Please send me pictures or videos of what you've been up to at home and with emailed permission I will upload them to our class page so all your friend can see!

Sophie's amazing work!

Freya's brilliant work!

Jacob's brilliant work!

Bella's brilliant work!

Scarlett's amazing work!

Freya's amazing work!

Emily's amazing poem!

Jacob's amazing science work!

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Jacob's amazing science work!

Jacob's brilliant work!

Scarlett's brilliant work!

William's brilliant turtle!

Mia's brilliant work this week!

Freya's beautiful presentation!

Emily's amazing science work!

Scarlett's amazing clock!

Bella's amazing art work!

Sophie's amazing work!

Emily's amazing artwork!

William's amazing artwork!

Mia's amazing artwork!

Noah's amazing artwork!

Jacob's amazing work!

Emily's amazing clock!

Chelmsford's answer to Mary Anning. 


Thea has been very busy this week. she has made an exciting Discovery in admirals park. She was looking at rocks near the river and found this. Her dad contacted the Essex rock and mineral society to ask what is was. This was their reply: 


'Lovely to see this. An exciting find! This is a sea urchin fossil. It is a Micraster, preserved as a fossil in flint. It is from the sea bed 80 million years ago when a sea covered most of England. The fossil got into the river after it was eroded from the rock that was left by an ice sheet less that half a million years ago. This rock is called till. It covers much of north Essex.'


How cool is this!


William's amazing model pyramid!

Noah went on a thinking walk this week - here are his amazing findings!

Bella's amazing work! (Looks so yummy!)

Jacob's amazing work!

Scarlett's amazing work!

Harrison's amazing PSHE work

Sophie's amazing work!

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