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Spring Term

Welcome to Year One

Spring Term 1
Who is Walt Disney?



This half term we will be using all things Disney to inspire our completion of work. Through our history led learning we will be identifying who Walt Disney was and linking his timeline into important well known dates throughout or schools curriculum. 


Making links before his timeline started to; The Great Fire of London in Year 2, during his timeline; World War I and II in Year 4 and Year 5 learning and the inauguration of Queen Elizabeth II. Year 1 will be learning and exploring the important impacts to society he has made during his lifetime and the legacy he has left after. We will also be identifying and naming a variety of green life and the basic structure of common flowering plants and trees.  


Spring 2

Who would live in a castle like this?






This Spring term 2 we will be learning all about castles, queens, kings, knights, princesses and princes as part of our topic.


In Art we will be applying our monarch inspiration to design and create colourful masterpieces using; paint, chalk and pencils associated with medieval times. 


In science we look at the different materials. We will be investigating all the common materials properties and identifying its best fit when building a castle.    


In History we will be looking at the lives of significant people and our British monarch.


To inspire our writing we will be using traditional tails, poems and stories/films created by Walt Disney/ Along with the factual information from our own growing monarch.





PLEASE NOTE: For Spring Term PE days Monday pm and Wednesday pm .


Toys and Watches

Please keep all toys and watches at home to avoid things getting lost. 



PE this term will be on Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. Please have your child come to school in their PE clothes. 


To help us look after clothes please make sure their PE kit is clearly labelled with their name.
Children will have to come in to school wearing their PE kits on the days they have PE. (They will not need a change of clothes)

On PE days long hair will need to be tied up and earrings removed. 

PE kits should include shorts and T shirts alongside trainers or plimsolls. Children are also encouraged to bring jogging trousers and a jumper as outdoor PE will continue all term. If the weather is wet we will use the hall.



Children will have a homework folder which will be sent home .

Inside their homework folders there will be chilli-challenges that they can also complete on top of homework for the week. There are no expectations to complete these chilli-challenges and it is up to your child, which ones they complete and in what order. When completed they can bring it into class to show what they have done. Every week the children will continue to have phonics and spellings given. A math task will be set via our online portal; MYMATH.  It will be handed out on Fridays and collected in again on Wednesdays.


Children are expected to read three times a week, with it being noted in their reading logs. 


Please remember to use sound buttons and letter lines when completing Phonics homework.



If you have any questions or concerns please email me;


Thank you.

Mr Hillis

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