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Summer Term Topic:

Our Changing World

This term we will be finding out about climate change. The main questions we are going to investigate are:


What is climate change?

What causes climate change?

What impacts does climate change have?

How can we help?


Where possible, subjects will link in some way to our topic ensuring that we get a great breadth of knowledge. In English,  we are going to use the book Floodland to plan and write our own journey tale. In addition, we are going to use the inspiring speeches by Greta Thunberg to write our own piece of persuasive writing. In geography, we will learn about the difference between weather and climate, investigate different climate zones, understand what climate change is and most importantly what we can do to help. In art and design we are going to learn about 'upcycling' and create a bag from an old tshirt using a variety of sewing skills. In Science, we are going to find out about electricity, how it is produced and how renewable energy sources are better for the environment. 



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