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Week 1


Below is a grid of five challenges, one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete each day, as long as you have completed them all by the end of the week


Expressive art and design


  • Try making a model mini beast
  • You could use playdough or old cardboard boxes and tubes


PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – Take a picture and ask your adult to upload it to Tapestry

Understanding the world


  • Go on a mini beast hunt in your garden, what mini beasts can you find?
  • Can you make a list of mini beasts that you find?


PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – Take a picture and ask your adult to upload it to Tapestry.

Communication and language

  • Play a game with someone in your household.
  • can you take turns and play fairly? 

Personal, social and emotional development


  • 15 minute teddy meditation.
  • Find your favourite Teddy play a piece of calming meditation music and listen to this.


New Horizon - Meditation & Sleep Stories on YouTube are great for this.


Physical development - Basket Teddy - How to play:  

Place a rolled up tea towel 2 meters away from the bin/basket- this is the throwing line. Stand behind the throwing line and gently underarm throw it aiming for the bin/basket. Stay still regardless of whether you have hit the target or not! Use both hands to throw or just your writing hand

Repeat with the remaining 3 teddies/bean bags/rolled up socks.


          Teddy bears                                                        starting line                                  




basket or bin 





Make it easier – bring the target closer to the rolled up tea towel. Pick up any that miss and try again.

Make it harder- move the target further away from the starting line.


Skill Tip: When throwing, if you use your right hand, step forwards onto your left foot. If you use your left hand, step forwards on your right foot. It helps you to balance and become more accurate. 



  • Once you get 4/4 with your writing hand, then try with your non-writing hand to throw
  • How many can you get in 20 seconds?
  • Can you balance one teddy on your head while throwing?



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