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Week 2

Below is a grid of five challenges, one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete each day, as long as you have completed them all by the end of the week. 


Expressive art and design


  • Can you make your own rock bug? Find a pebble and paint it to make a rock bug.



PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – Take a picture and ask your adult to upload it to Tapestry

Understanding the world


  • Can you make your own wormery?



PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – Take a picture and ask your adult to upload it to Tapestry.

Communication and language


  • Phonics alliteration game - see links below 

Personal, social and emotional development



Physical development - Dancing dice - How to play:  


Equipment: a dice

How to play:

Roll the dice to create your own unique dance! Each roll of the dice gives you a new dance move. Follow the instructions below and throw some shapes. Dance to music or your own rhythm, alone or with friends/family members. Use your imagination and maybe make up some moves of your own.


If you throw a...

1. Around the world – Balancing on one foot, spin around.

2. Leaping frog – Crouch down on the ground and jump up in the air, with your arms out wide.

3. Tippy tap – Stand with your hands on your hips, tap your foot in front of you, to the side and behind you. Repeat with the other foot.

4. Rollin’ – With your hands in fists, bend your arms out in front of you and roll one over the other, repeat four times and then roll them backwards.

5. Hip hop – Stand on one leg, with one arm straight above your head. Hop 3 times and punch the air each time. Repeat on the other leg.

6. Freestyle twist! – Go wild and try whatever moves feel fun. Try something different every time you throw a six.


Skill Tip:  keep the moves simple and low to the floor to start with, then progress onto jumping higher



  • Can you remember all 6 moves?
  • Can you throw the dice twice and link those 2 moves together?


STEP principle of coaching/teaching- helps to engage, challenge and motivate everyone by altering one or more of the principles


Space  - make your arms and legs straighter when you spin around to use the space more

Task – Going higher up on your tip toes increases the difficulty!

Equipment – Add in some background music to get you in the groove and also to give your brain something else to think about!!

People – Get a family member to join in- can they copy you?



Video  No Video for this game


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