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Week 3

Below is a grid of five challenges, one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete each day, as long as you have completed them all by the end of the week.


I have left one day black for 'Wellbeing Wednesday' this is time to spend away from your computer screens. Please see wellbeing Wednesday tab yes 


Expressive art and design


  • Can you design your own magic bean?




PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – Take a picture and ask your adult to upload it to Tapestry

Physical development - Over and under - How to play:  


Equipment: 1 small ball 


How to play:

A children’s party classic!!

Stand in a line with your family members one behind the other, all facing in the same direction

The person at the front lifts the ball over their head and passes it to the person behind them and then goes and joins the back of the line

The second person passes the ball between their legs (under the body) to the next person before moving to the back of the line

Then over the head, then under the body and so on


Skill Tip: Use both hands when passing the ball and communication will help!!


If over and under is difficult for the children to understand, then try a few minutes of everyone passing over and then a few minutes of passing under, before then alternating



  • Can you reach forwards and help your family member in front of you?
  • Can you stand at the side and tell your family members which move they should do?
  • Can you pass the ball sideways around your waist instead of under and over?


STEP principle of coaching/teaching- helps to engage, challenge and motivate everyone by altering one or more of the principles

Space  - try and stand fairly close to each other so you don’t need to stretch too far

Task – speed up the passing of the ball and your movement to the back of the line

Equipment – Try with a smaller ball or even a balloon?!

People – Get more family members to join in (if you have the space- or go outside)

Understanding the world


  • Ask an adult if you can make a phone call to a friend or family member.
  • Ask your adult to show your their phone number and write it down for you.
  • Dial the number in the phone yourself.
  • Call your friends or family member and talk about your day. 


Communication and language


  • Read a book on your own or with an adult or sibling.
  • Pause while you are reading to talk about discuss what you have read.
  • Make predictions 




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