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Week 4

Below is a grid of five challenges, one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete each day, as long as you have completed them all by the end of the week.


I have left one day blank for 'Wellbeing Wednesday' this is time to spend away from your computer screens. Please see wellbeing Wednesday tab.  

Communication and Language


  • Can you use the cards to describe a fairy tale to a member of your family. If you are able to read the words you can. If not look at the picture and describe the picture for your partner. 



Expressive art and design


  • Can you design your own ginger bread man? 


Personal, social and emotion development


  • With the help of an adult can you follow a recipe to make your own gingerbread men? 
  • See below for a simple recipe 


Physical development -    Ball roll   - How to play:  

Equipment: one large light ball


How to play:

Two people (minimum) sit on the floor with their legs spread out and toes touching 

The youngest person starts with the ball and rolls it using both hands to the person sat opposite from them

They receive the ball and roll it either back (if playing with 2 people) or onto another person (if more than 2 are playing)

Once the ball is being passed nicely and under control, then take one step backwards so your toes no longer touch- can you all still keep control of the ball?


Skill Tip: Use both hands behind the ball to roll it to start with. Encourage both hands to point towards where you want the ball to go. When receiving the opposite should happen- hands are on the top cushioning the ball into the body



  • How many rolls can you do in 20 seconds?
  • Can you roll with just one hand instead of both?


STEP principle of coaching/teaching- helps to engage, challenge and motivate everyone by altering one or more of the principles

Space  - try and keep your legs straight so you have a bigger area to roll the ball within

Task – speed up the passing of the ball between players

Equipment – Try with a smaller ball

People – Get more family members to join in (if you have the space- or go outside)



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