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Week 5

Below is a grid of five challenges, one for each day this week. You may select which challenge you complete each day. Remember please just try your best, you can only do what you can. You can also adapt activities if you are unable to print resources at home. 


I have left one day blank for 'Wellbeing Wednesday' this is time to spend away from your computer screens. Please see wellbeing Wednesday tab.  

Expressive arts and design 

  • Can you make a card for someone for Valentines day



Personal, social and emotion development


  • mirror, mirror on the wall... can you use the template below to write a few things that you like about YOURSELF smiley


Physical development -   please see session one videos below


Warm up

SAQ basic training


SAQ Hoop footwork


SAQ Hoop jumping



Communication and Language


  • I spy and read - see below


Session 1 Willingale Workout

Willingale workout- 10 exercises to spell WILLINGALE. (Others schools welcome)W Wide Press UpsI In and Out JumpsL Leg ChangesL LungesI inverted Press UpsN Ni...

SAQ Basic Training

SAQ Speed Agility Quickness's Training with UKA Team. Developing fundamental footwork and agility drills. Physical Education that can be used at home to deve...

SAQ Hoop footwork training

SAQ hoop footwork training video. Showing students how to make a hoop at home and multi directional stepping. We recommend KS1 students 30 seconds 1-2 rounds...

SAQ Hoop Jumping Training

SAQ hoop jumping training for KS1 and KS2. Developing multi directional jumping and agility. We recommend KS1 students to do 30 seconds 1-2 rounds of each ex...

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