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In the Autumn Term, Year 5 will be learning all about World War Two. We will look at why World War II began, learn about the main countries involved and order the key events on a timeline. We will also learn about the consequences of war on life for those living on the Home Front. In Art, we will study the work of war time artist, Henry Moore, before producing our own art work inspired by his creations. During our D&T lessons, we will be investigating what makes a strong structure and how to join materials together effectively, using this knowledge to design and create our own Anderson shelters. To support our learning, we are hoping to visit the Duxford Museum in the Autumn 2 Term and Henry Moore Studios in Much Hadham, in the Spring Term where, in addition to his studios and workshops, his giant sculptures can be seen displayed throughout the grounds and giant tapestries depicting his war time drawings. This will also support our understanding of structures, architecture, the environment and the processes involved in working to a large scale. 


You can find more information about our curriculum this term below.

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