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Rainforests and The Mayans

During our Summer Term topic on rainforests, Year 5 will be learning about the location of rainforests across the world. We will focus on the Amazon Rainforest, and will consider the physical and human features of both South America and the UK. In Art, we will focus on the artist, Henri Rousseau. Inspired by his work, we will create our own rainforest collages. In English, we will use these collages as inspiration to write descriptive settings of the rainforest. We will research the work of David Attenborough, and using our computing skills, create a documentary on a rainforest animal of our choice.

After half-term, will be learning about the Ancient Mayans. We will learn about their daily life and explore all of their amazing achievements, including their development of calendar systems and hieroglyphic writing. Our English will be based around the book                 'The Rainplayer', and we will use this to inspire our own stories about Mayan Gods.


In our D&T lessons, we will be researching Mayan masks, and creating our own masks using clay or papier mache.

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